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About a week and a half ago my roommate found two sweet kittens in the road while she was driving back from a day out at the farm. Unfortunately one was very afraid, so she was only able to rescue baby Pépite (French for “nugget”).

Pépite is about 7 weeks old and is looking for a loving and caring home. She is incredibly trusting and sweet; loves to cuddle, loves to play.

We are asking for $200. This will cover vet bills and medicine as well as leave some money left over for a donation to Austin Pets Alive. Pépite is not associated with APA, but both my roommate and I know so many people that have lovely pets from APA that we would like to give a little something to a great, local organization that will help other little rescue kitties and puppies just like Pépite. That amount also includes a fluffy crate pad, litter box liners, toys, and a mat that traps litter coming out of the litter box.

If you are interested please send me a private message via Twitter @Em_Dash512.

Please spread the word! Thanks!