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For the last few months I’e been trying to be good — eating out less, exercising a lot more. But lately it’s been hard what with family coming into town, then getting sick, and now more family coming into town.

Despite the “guilt” I’m still looking forward to some of the best wining and dining this weekend. Today sort of kicked it off with a lunch meeting at the W’s Trace. I’d only been there for brunch, but it was lovely as usual and I had a great veggie burger made out of pakora (sort of like the India version of tempura veggies). It was a lot lighter than it sounds. I would definitely order it again.

Then the family arrives tomorrow and we will dine at Trio. Trio is so fancy schmancy that I feel like you have to say “dine” instead of “eat” — that would be too common place, dahhhling.

Friday night will be Justine’s, one of my all-time-favorite Austin restaurants. There’s no better way to make a night out special by spending it in the romantic East-side brasserie with beautiful party lights strung amongst the live oaks. I have some friends that work there and they told me the menu has wonderful new additions. Can’t wait to see what that will be! I’m told a new “must” is the goat cheese ice cream.

Back to my old haunt on Saturday, Lambert’s. You might ask why a pescetarian would look forward to eating at a barbecue restaurant. Well, there are multiple things. To start, the popcorn shrimp is always delicious, even for me who is not the biggest shrimp fan. And then I usually order the amazing chickpea and goat cheese appetizer as my main course, which is PLENTY. But you must always leave room for some mac ‘n’ cheese and, of course, their epic coconut cream pie. YUM.

You thought I would be done, huh? NOPE. The ‘rents made brunch reservations on Sunday for Paggi House. I’ve only been there once, but the brunch was stuff-your-face-pile-your-plate delicious.

So basically, after this coming weekend I will need to be on a diet of spinach leaves and you’ll have to wheel me in to work in a wheelbarrow.

I’ll let you know how everything tastes. ๐Ÿ˜‰