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pictures from my weekendHere are some pics from this past weekend. Clockwise from the top left…

  1. Dry cappuccino & croissant from Hillside Farmacy on East 11th. This is the first time I’d been there,  seems really cute and the small snack I had was great. Looking forward to trying it out for brunch next time.
  2. As you probably know, F1/Circuit of the Americas was this weekend in Austin – our first time to host! I tried to avoid most of the crazy traffic shenanigans, but couldn’t help snapping a shot of Doc’s sign from my car as I left the neighborhood this am.
  3. Checked out some other art in EAST – the East Austin Studio Tour. I stopped by the Purple Bean Cafe/Victory Grill on East 11th and AJ Simon was there playing piano beneath her artwork – how cool! If you haven’t been to this part of Austin you really should check it out – there’s a great community and lots of history on the east side!
  4. Took my baby to the park twice for a hardcore game of fetch. This boy can get some air! I just need better camera skills in order to capture it. It was a beautiful Fall weekend – i.e. 60 and 70 degree weather.
  5. On my way to check out boutique Solid Gold on East 5th, I came across abb Gallery. It’s a tiny place, but they had some great pieces in there. (P.s. there are definitely a few things I’ve got my eye on in Solid Gold, included a knitted motorcycle jacket and black, wide leg, silk pants).