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Dress Your Bestie with eBay


I have way too much fun on Polyvore. It can get addicting. So when I logged in this morning and saw that eBay was having a contest I just couldn’t help myself. All you have to do is include the eBay logo provided and choose at least one of the clothing items and then let loose creating a crazy outfit you’d like to “dress your bestie” (friend, that is) in.

I created the outfit around a chunky chain necklace and red pants from eBay and a Kenzo sweatshirt that I’ve always loved. I happened to be browsing Kenzo items earlier and thought the sweatshirt would be a great piece to dress up. I paired it with leopard for that “tiger-on-leopard-je-ne-sais-quoi” and it turns out that others have done that too! (See street style photo). That’s probably where I got the idea from.

Anyway, happy weekend, have fun, try Polyvore.

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