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packing suitcaseI’m so excited for my first ever trip to San Francisco this weekend! But before then I have a lot of work to do and an event to go to Thursday night, so that leaves little time to pack. What I find helps a lot is to have a bunch of “travel time saver” tricks up my sleeve.

One of them is the generalized packing list that essentially never changes. There are certain things I will always bring on a trip, so having that list saved somewhere makes it easy to just start grabbing things and checking them off without having to think of everything and worry that you’ll forget something.

Super dorky, I know. But it helps. I also try to bring not much more than what’s on my list because, once you start packing, everything seems so necessary. How much of what you bring do you actually wear? Do you really need a different pair of jeans for each day? I learned this the hard way, lugging giant hiking backpacks through Europe on weekend trips. It’s just – not – worth – it. Plus… if you leave some extra room in your carry-on you can bring some new things back!

Other random tips:

  • Roll all of your clothes into cylinder shapes before you pack them. It makes them less wrinkly and makes more space.
  • Bring one warm scarf and maybe 1 or 2 lighter scarves. Wrap the light scarf around the heavy scarf so you can keep a chic, stylish look while still saying warm. The heavy scarf can also double as a pillow on the plane.
  • Only bring two pairs of shoes. Walking and going out (that you can also walk a little ways in).
  • Wear comfortable layers. And when I say comfortable I do not mean your pajamas.
  • Bring few clothes and choice jewelry & accessories. The baubles are what will help your outfit avoid the blahs without weighing down your suitcase. Only bring one, medium-sized purse that can fill all roles.

Here’s my ultimate travel bag with some of my other traveling necessities.


YSL Lover bag – on major sale from BBOS Private Sale /\ NYT crossword book from my BFF at I Get a Bit Obsessive /\ Apple iPad and Abas iPad case on major sale from Neiman Marcus Last Call

Here’s a shot from what I took to Marfa. Very few, but outfit-making accessories.


What are some of your travel tips?