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I saw this book a few weeks ago while shopping with my mom and thought it was a great idea! Magically, it ended up under my Christmas tree…

So what is The Happiness Project? It’s a book written by Gretchen Rubin about her year spent learning to live  life to the fullest. Amazon explains it as Rubin’s record of “her adventures during the twelve months she spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, current scientific research, and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier.”

This particular offshoot of The Happiness Project is a journal that has a page for each day of the year and five entry points per day. So every day for five years you write down a sentence about your day. It could be something that made you happy, something that you found challenging, what you did that day, who you saw – anything, really.

I’m going to use my journal as a place to write down things in my life that are beautiful, touching, or just plain silly. That way, on a dark and gray day, I will have 1,825 things compiled so I’ll be able to open to any page in the book to read something that will make me smile.

The journal will be permanently parked on my nightstand so that I can write a quick sentence every night before bed. Here’s to hoping that I’ll actually keep up with it! But if not, here’s to knowing that I can always pick it back up at any time.