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I haven’t been that into cooking for the last six months or so, which I feel kind of sad about. But you can’t force yourself into doing something you’re not into and expect it to turn out well, so I’ve been waiting patiently and lazily for the cooking bug to kick in again. That being said, I have plenty of recipes lined up for when that day comes. I have been clipping and pinning recipes like a mad woman, eating out way more often than I should (looking forward to my first taste of Lenoir tomorrow night), and I’ve found two amazingly beautiful blogs that I want to share with you.

The Forest Feast

The first blog is called The Forest Feast, and the tagline – a New York food photographer moves to the woods – gives you an immediate glimpse into how much you will be gushing and drooling over these photos. Not only does blogger Erin Gleeson do her own food photography, but she combines photos with illustrations to make unique and charming recipes that are ready to go straight into a cookbook.

Here are some I want to try:

onion brie tart

forest feast onion tartlet

forest feast onion bite

full recipe

forest feast butternut apple tartbutternut apple tart full recipe

forest feast carrot salad

full recipe


Manger is the french verb for “to eat,” and Mimi Thorisson’s photos make you want to do just that. She writes her blog from Médoc, France where she lives with her 4 children, photographer husband, and 14 dogs(!). Mimi posts a great mix of French and Asian cuisine all shot in an idyllic setting.

Here are my picks:


ratatouille recipe

full recipe

Red Cabbage, Onion, and Walnut Tart

cabbage onion walnut tart recipe

full recipe

Garden Cake

manger garden cake recipe

full recipe

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