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fire place horn decoration

Source: thecuratorstyle.blogspot.com via Dose of Dash on Pinterest

The fastest growing board on my Pinterest account is definitely the home decor board (La Maison). I’m such a fashion junkie, so I didn’t expect this to be my biggest collection of pins, but I suppose it makes sense.

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of what makes a house feel like home ever since I found myself changing dorms or apartments every year from age 13 to age 20. I also know that I’ll be moving in July and hope to have a place of my own for the first time ever. I can’t wait to decorate it and am constantly thinking about it!

My La Maison Pinterest board has inspired me to start a new series, Best Room in the House, to showcase some of my favorite home decor photos. Hopefully it will be a series that will also help me figure out more of what I like and want for myself. I may not always focus on an entire room, but on different elements of a room – window treatments, couches, beds, dining tables, etc.

For my first Best Room in the House post I thought I’d continue along with my fireside theme to help warm you up. I hear it’s pretty cold up North.


gold fireplace feminine

Source: desiretoinspire.net via Em_Dash512 on Pinterest

I love the clean, white feminine look of the walls, fireplace, and chandelier; the furniture gives the room a great punch of color.


parisian apartment with fireplace

Source: thecuratorstyle.blogspot.com via Em_Dash512 on Pinterest

This room is so Parisian in the best of ways! I’ve always wanted a chaise longue, this one is like a cross between a chaise longue and a day bed. It looks perfect for sprawling out on with a warm, fuzzy blanket, hot cup of tea, and a book in front of a roaring fire.


dark green white trim fireplace

Source: designmanifest.blogspot.com via Em_Dash512 on Pinterest

I’m not sure I would ever have these colors play such a starring role in my house, but I admire the daring combination of greens with white accents. This is the sitting room you would go to in the evening for a glass of brandy and some serious prose.


chinoiserie fabric covered fireplace

Source: thecuratorstyle.blogspot.com via Em_Dash512 on Pinterest

What a great idea for a non-working fireplace! Cover it in fabric and paint logs or some other object a complementary color for display.


art nouveau fire

Source: verhext.tumblr.com via Em_Dash512 on Pinterest

The attention to detail in Art Nouveau is so impressive!


moroccan tiled fireplace

Source: thebohmerian.com via Em_Dash512 on Pinterest

I love this Moroccan-style fireplace that is so elegant and charming with its sweet green and purple tiles.


fireplace in a cozy library

Source: theneotraditionalist.com via Em_Dash512 on Pinterest

Take your pick of any book in the library and plop down in a cozy, overstuffed chair!


marble and carved fireplace

Source: lonny.com via Em_Dash512 on Pinterest

Can’t get enough of the gilt mirror, green marble on the fireplace, pink & red accents, and black lacquered floor.


white fireplace pink walls

Source: theneotraditionalist.com via Em_Dash512 on Pinterest

It’s a tie for favorite between this one the one with the purple ottoman/coffee table. The wall is a perfect shade of pink – bright and lively but not to brash – and the blue makes the perfect complement. Add in a little white to give it a polished look! Not to mention that great black & white portrait of Walt Whitman.