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To tell the honest truth, I can’t go for very long without buying a new pair of shoes. To tell the truth again, I cannot remember the last time I actually paid full price for something. I’m a sale and discount fiend and it spoils me to get amazing things at a lower price. But just because I’m a good bargain shopper doesn’t mean I don’t have a shopping problem…

When I was in NY last week I managed to make it down to the Village and stop by Otte, a great boutique I’ve been wanting to check out ever since I’ve seen the bloggers at Stripes & Sequins and eat.sleep.wear wearing their sweaters. Otte carries some other great brands besides its proprietary line, and I managed to snag a few things at their winter sale. I found burgundy/oxblood wax-coated jeans from Current/Elliott in my size and these slightly odd, slightly whimsical booties from Acne on major, major discount. Never one to scoff at bold shoes, I just couldn’t help myself. Now I need to find an excuse to wear them out this weekend – Austin is so casual sometimes!acne booties

Acne booties – similar

All this shoe talk reminds me of one of my favorite Prince songs, Kiss. This lyric is hilarious but also has a lot of truth in it. Amen, Prince.

prince act your age not your shoe size

pin it dose of dash

Also, can we please just notice how before his time Prince was back in ’86? Already rocking the crop top + suit look.

suit_crop_topvia büro 24/7