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dose of dash in new york cityRow 1

  1. Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture near the convention center
  2. Beautiful Art Deco earrings on sale at Henri Bendel
  3. It wouldn’t be a trip to NYC without a ride on the subway

Row 2

  1. Beer in a “sippy cup” (the vendor could tell I was worried about spilling on my shoes) at Madison Square Garden – the Knicks won!!
  2. A beautiful snowfall on my last night at my nonna’s house
  3. Panettone for breakfast – a favorite Italian treat

Row 3

  1. Cream tea at Tea & Sympathy in the Village 
  2. New York City lights at night
  3. A typical, charming street in the Village

I had so much fun in New York last week, I only wish I had had more free time to do all the things I love to do in the City. On Friday (wow – already a week ago!) I had some time to myself and I packed the day full before I headed to the New Jersey countryside to visit my grandmother.

I made an obligatory stop at Century 21, saw a really interesting exhibit on the beginnings of abstraction at the MoMA, stuffed myself full on an amazing lunch at a British tea shop in the Village, and went shopping at Otte. Hopefully I’ll make it back to New York in less than a year this time!