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Excuse the lack of posts lately – it’s been a whirlwind since getting back from Spain and it’s not about to stop. I’m writing from SXSW, which is always an interesting time in Austin. For a little over a week the city transforms into a crazy alternate universe full of free parties, booze, nerds, artists, freebies, and more advertising and branding than you ever thought was possible. It’s like a little downtown microcosm of temporary villages set up by companies from Chevy to Esurance to Goodwill.

SXSW is an exciting time – films are debuting, new musicians are being discovered, the latest technologies are being unveiled – but it’s also an obnoxious time. Tourists flock to the city and descend upon it with lots of noise, crowds, traffic, and lines for EVERYTHING.
When you aren’t able to take part in any of the fun and all SX does is prohibit you from parking for work or even getting into your own house (yes, that happened to me last year), it’s excessively irritating. As revenge, Austinites have been known to leave the city for that week, renting out their abodes for obscene amounts of money (yes, I’m doing that this year).

Luckily I get to participate in some of the fun and I go to the Interactive portion (SXSWi) for work. If all education was this exciting and all classes had such crazy names you wouldn’t be able to keep anyone OUT of school (as long as you get there early enough to get in). Between picking out which sessions I want to go to and watching buildings being transformed around me, the beginning of SX is filled with infectious excitement. There’s something in the air. But I’m sure by this time next week I’ll be ready to strangle all out-of-towners with my SapientNitro-brand lanyard.

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