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april instagram dose of dash

Row One

  1. I saw Mason Jennings (for the 2nd time) at the Cactus Cafe last Friday and he was AMAZING! Such a beautiful voice and guitar player, and the Cactus is great for an intimate setting and good sound mixing. I definitely teared up more than once.
  2. At brunch today I couldn’t help staring at the biker outside my window using painter’s tape to attach his baguette to his bicycle. Love it!
  3. I’ve been crafting away with glitter while my roommate was out of town (she hates the stuff, I can’t get enough). I made a monogram initial and a mini glitter vase.

Row Two

  1. Last weekend I scored these cute brass frog candlesticks. I love brass animals!
  2. Another score at the same garage sale as the candlesticks – a Pucci silk dress for about $2!!!!! It inspired me to finally change my dress form to a spring-y outfit  and I’m going to wear it to my cousin’s college graduation. Could this Pucci be my best find of 2013? We’ve still got 8 months to find out.
  3. I love taking my Baby Boo to the park on weekends! He’s a fetching fiend and he also loves a good swim.

Row Three

  1. A few weeks ago I went to visit a friend in Houston. We spent all of Saturday scouring vintage shops in the Montrose and the Heights and came away with some really great pieces for her new apartment. She didn’t get this mirrored bar, but I thought it was pretty great looking.
  2. I ate at Sway (new thai place by the same people as La Condesa) for the first time and was a little disappointed. They did a wonderful job decorating, the presentation was beautiful, and everything was very good, but I somehow left without thinking, “wow I can’t wait to come back!” Has that ever happened to you at a good restaurant?
  3. The Austin classic car show was on South Congress outside of my apartment recently. It’s always so much fun to walk up and down the street looking at amazing vintage cars.

Here’s some big news that I’m really excited about: I found a new apartment! The idea of moving has been stressing me out for a while now, but I found my dream apartment (minus dishwasher and laundry machine). If anyone actually read posts from the early days of this blog, you’ll know how important having a sense of home is to me.

I guess the last time I moved I knew that all I could afford was Ikea, so this is my first time really looking at other stores. Let me tell you, I’m horrified. Is there anything in between the $100 Ikea dresser that breaks every 3 months and the $800 West Elm bureau? There is nothing. So it looks like back to Ikea, HomeGoods, Craigslist, and garage sales I go. Don’t get me wrong, some of the best things I own are from Craigslist and garage sales. This is also usually the cheapest option. But I’m still in that awkward early-20s stage where your furniture is a hodgepodge of random things you like and free things from friends and family. I think this is particularly true for me because my taste is so eclectic.

I don’t have the luxury of starting fresh and saying, “this bright orange mid-century modern headboard is going to be the inspiration for the rest of the bedroom.” So how do I make my new apartment the impeccable space that I want it to be if every piece is from a different decade with a different, crazy pattern on it? I’m not sure. But I’m excited for the challenge. And hopefully I will be diligent enough to chronicle the journey here on Dose of Dash (we all know how well me posting pictures of Spain went…it just never happened).

One last, semi-random thought. I just saw a brass pineapple on One Kings Lane and knew that I had to have it for the new place. Pineapples are a sign of hospitality and welcome and I’m also obsessed with brass animal statuettes (see pic above), thanks to Atlantis Dry GoodsI found a cheap pineapple on eBay, and I may be on a spending freeze, but you gotta do what you gotta do (an addicted shopper’s excuse).