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I may have previously mentioned that I have a new apartment. I have some time before I move in, but I’ve already started making small improvements.


The first is getting rid of the ugliest window treatments you’ve ever seen and replacing them with blue, silk curtains. I don’t think either of these shots do justice to 1. How atrocious the previous fabric was or 2. The beautiful robins egg/Tiffany blue of the new treatment, but you get the idea.


The best part about these curtains was that I paid only $50 total for three window treatments at Homegoods (not including rods). That is practically unheard of for decent curtains!! Don’t believe me? Take a quick look online. Even Target’s lowest prices are about $20 per panel. That would add up to $120 for 3 windows! Thus, I stand by my love for Homegoods/TJ Maxx/Marshall’s.

Keep checking back for more updates on the apartment! Storage is going to be a particularly big challenge.