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For me, having my $h!t together means that I’ve prepared a healthy lunch to take to work and made the bus on time (if I don’t take the bus I have to feed the meter all day). This frees up my lunch hour to hang in one of my favorite cafes and work on my blog or read a book.

Here are my favorite places to go and why:

Patika Coffee

4th Street between Congress & Colorado

coffee truck patika

Patika Coffee is an amazing coffee truck. I don’t typically do work here since it’s not brick-and-mortar (i.e. air-conditioned), but stopping by for an iced soy latte and a cheerful barista can always brighten my mood. The iced lattes are so good and smooth they taste like dessert without being sweet! Patika is definitely an old favorite.

coffee trailer austin patika

Caffé Medici: Espresso & Coffee House

Congress Avenue between 2nd & 3rd

medici coffee shop austin

Medici downtown is light and airy. If I feel like I’m already over caffeinated for the day I go here for their hibiscus iced tea and attractive baristas. Hah! Oh yeah, and it’s a good place to get some work done…

Tip – there’s a small discount for paying with cash.

medici caffe congress ave

Royal Blue Grocery

609 Congress Avenue between 6th & 7th

downtown grocery austin royal blue

I’m not one for flavored coffee, but I live for Royal Blue’s pecan roast! I also love that they don’t charge you extra for soy milk.

Tip – if you bring your own mug then coffee is only $1!!!

The Hideout Coffee House

617 Congress Avenue between 6th & 7th

hideout theater and coffee cafe

The Hideout is definitely funkier than these other places and not as “gourmet/intense-professional-barista-y,” but the coffee is decent and cheap. It’s usually pretty quiet and they have good tables if you need to do some work.

hideout cafe and improv theater austin

Lavazza Espression

914 Congress Avenue between 9th & 10th

Lavazza has a bright, modern atmosphere with a lot more than just (really amazing) coffee. One of the women who works there uses an old family recipe for lasagna. I’ll have to try it next time I’m there.

lavazza coffee austin

One huge bonus (or danger, depending on who you are) is that they have excellent and pretty legit Italian pastries. Next time you’re there try the sfogliatella!The shells are nice and crispy and flown in from Italy. The yummy and subtly sweet filling is made fresh.

Houndstooth Coffee

401 Congress Avenue between 4th & 5th

downtown austin coffee shop

This one is in the Frost tower right next to my office. On the mornings when the thought of Keurig coffee in the office is just too depressing, I treat myself to Houndstooth (or Patika). It has a calm and soothing interior, and all the woodwork was designed and handmade by my friend Trevor Thurow.
coffee shop frost tower austin