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With the recent arrival of the first official day of summer and my introduction to Revenge, a cheesy drama set in the Hamptons, I’ve just been dying to get to the beach. And I don’t mean Galveston.

Tangent: Being from the Northeast I can think of nothing more relaxing than spending my days on a beach with a good book, a caprese sandwich, and no concrete plans. I’ve noticed, however, that a lot of my born-and-bred Texan friends would much prefer a vacation in the mountains. They’re just not into the ocean like I’m into the ocean and I’m just not into the mountains like they’re into the mountains. End of tangent.

I’m dreaming of Martha’s Vineyard, Bridgehampton, the rocky coasts of Maine. But with only 4 vacation days left for the entire rest of 2013 (whoopsies!), I’m not going anywhere… Here’s a summer inspiration board that’s got me daydreaming and some music to get you in the mood.

take me to the seasidepin it dose of dash
Just curious if there’s a real correlation – do you prefer the beach or the mountains? And what part of the country are you from?

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