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feragammo vara navy blue aqua yellow pin it dose of dash

Guess what?! You can customize your own Ferragamos. The only thing that can rival my love for shoes is shoes in crazy color combos! This means I’m in heaven.

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Ferragamos for two reasons:

  1. Seeing an ad for Ferragamo heels in The New Yorker around the age of 10 was really the first time my interest was piqued in fashion because of the beauty of design and brands as aspirations (naturally, I’m now in marketing). I could picture my fabbedy-fab life as a grown-up in those shoes. This was not just another, “Mommy I need that glitter tank top from Limited Too because everyone else has one.” This changed me…and doomed my wallet.
  2. My first ever designer item was a pair of vintage Ferragamos in a style similar to the Vara. I found them in a thrift shop in Rosendale, New York (wait, where?!) for $25. I was 15 and could not have been more pleased with myself.

Back to the image at hand. This color scheme is reminiscent of another color crush I posted recently, Aqua, Blue, Green & Gold. It’s interesting to find things that we’re drawn to that are so similar without even realizing it.

So what do you think? Is this combo ‘nice in theory but don’t think I could pull it off,” OR, “I’m online ordering right now”?

Ferragamo Vara shoes

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