get shit done rebekah epstein PR interviewName: Rebekah Epstein
Age: 25
City: Austin, Texas
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Profession: Founder & publicist at fifteen media and blogger at Neon Notebook

Are you currently doing things that you think will be a part of your life/career long term?
Yes, I accidentally started fifteen media when I graduated from college, and couldn’t find a full time PR job. Three years later, we are still going strong! While I don’t know if I want to do PR forever, I have at least learned many valuable lessons that will carry over to future endeavors.

What motivates you (to go to work, to do what you’re passionate about, etc.)? Okay, this is probably cheesy, but creating my own future, on my own terms is what motivates me. When you work for yourself, no one is telling you “no”, so the sky is the limit. It is an exciting feeling!

How do you balance your work life and your social life?
Early on in my career, it was hard for me to stop working. I felt like since my clients were paying me, I always had to be available. As I got older (and wiser), I realized this isn’t true, and I was going to drive myself crazy if I kept thinking that way. I just accept the fact that my to-do list will never be fully completed. You just have to always remind yourself that work is replaceable, and the people in your life are irreplaceable. You don’t want to give up precious time with the people you love to stay home and answer e-mails. I promise you, the e-mails will be there tomorrow.

When you have a lot on your plate how do you handle it?
When I have a lot on my plate I make a to-do list, so I can visualize everything I need to do. Then, I try to conquer one thing at a time. I used to try to multi-task, and finish things as quickly as I could; I would make so many mistakes. Now, I am a uni-tasker. When I am working on one thing, my sole focus is on the task at hand. This way I don’t spend so much time going back and correcting mistakes because I was in such a rush.

Have you had to cut down on any activities or a certain lifestyle that you haven’t had time for since college?
Yes, not to sound like an old grandma, but I don’t really go out past midnight anymore…even on the weekends. Even if I am not doing work on the weekends, I still need to use the time wisely to prepare for the next week (by resting, running errands, etc.) Happy hours have become my main source of socializing now!

How do you keep your apartment clean during the week?
I am embarrassed to admit this, but my apartment is always messy. A dear friend of mine recently came to visit, and he said my apartment looks worse than a frat house. Ouch, but he is right.

Best way to relax after a long day of work?
If I am in a social mood, grabbing drinks and a good dinner with friends. If I am in an anti-social mood, sitting on my couch and watching hours and hours of reality TV.

Favorite post-work hangout and/or drink?
Since I just got a dog, my favorite post-work hangout is to go to the park with her. It is nice to be outside and unwind far away from my computer.

What is your go-to, homemade meal?
I personally don’t cook, so I don’t really have a go-to meal. Every once in a while, if I have the time, I try to make enchiladas. They are easy to make, and you can make them in so many different variations.

Do you have a quick and easy work-appropriate outfit formula?
Always have one statement item. I always try to buy clothes in neutral colors, so I can get more use out of them. My whole wardrobe is pretty much black, gray, and white. However, I always try to wear one item that adds a pop. That could be a big necklace, colored jeans or fun shoes.

What tools or apps can you not live without?
I am not sure if this counts as a tool (it is sorta stone age), but my paper planner. I am not into Google calendars; I love being able to write everything down, and then cross it out when I am done. As far as apps, the one app I can’t live without is the Spotify app. Whomever invented Spotify is my hero. I use the app to listen to music at work, in my car, while working out…basically all the time.

What music pumps you up to GSD?
My taste is music is highly embarrassing, but that is okay. I love all late 90s/early 00s pop music.

Best advice you’ve received?
My boss at one of my internships taught me to never make excuses when you make a mistake. Instead, just apologize, acknowledge the mistake, and ask how you can fix it.

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