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I was recently invited to a hair show. Yes, that’s the first thing I thought, too: “what on earth is a hair show?”

Well it turns out it’s the most fun runway-type show I’ve been to in a long time. José Luis Salon was celebrating 25 years of being one of Austin’s top hair stylists and partners and co-owners José Buitron and Bill Pitts wanted to throw a party worthy of sparkle-lovers everywhere.

shirtless men at fashion show

hunky men lined the runway

As soon as I arrived I couldn’t help noticing the attractive men lining the shimmering runway. Did I mention they weren’t wearing shirts? Finally – we women (and gay men) get some eye candy too! The crowd was buzzing with excitement, the gift bags were killer (did I mention I think I finally understand the need for hair product?), and the show began.

white pearl diva runway hair show diamonds are a girl's best friend
There were three different themes. The first was old Hollywood glamour, the second was Italian opulence, and the third was Spanish spice. (I just made those names up I don’t remember what they actually called them). For each section, girls in feathers, sequins, beads, and paillettes were escorted down the runway by the handsome men standing sentinel. Towards the end of the runway parade, 3 women, 3 stylists, and 3 assistants would come out on stage and set up right in front of the audience.

hair styling live on stage

the stylists at work

In a matter of minutes, the stylist transformed the model’s coiffe right in front of your very eyes, taking it from a pretty updo to a crazy show-stopper. I think you all know how I feel about glitz, glam, and putting on a good show, so I enjoyed every minute of it. There was such an infectious energy and it was clear that the stylists were having so much fun. During the Spanish-themed show there was even a live all-female flamenco band and the stylists did a little choreographed dance spraying hairspray into the air as if they were flamenco fans trailing in the air. I’ve never been to or heard of anything like that before and it was just too much fun and so exciting and I really hope they do it again. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Thanks to Snackbox PR for the invite!

All pictures by Dose Of Dash except those watermarked with Krista Jude (c/o Snackbox)

jose luis austin hair stylist

Jose Luis himself

hair show live styling

jose luis and his assistant work their magic live on stage

a newly coiffed babe shows off her Bardot-esque do

a newly coiffed babe shows off her Bardot-esque do

burlesque hair show austin pride week

25th anniversary show jose luis austin

setting the scene – beautiful women, talented stylists, and shirtless men

jose luis shot

everyone celebrates 25 years with a shot

flamenco singer performing on runway

a flamenco singer performs

red flower hair piece

hair crown runway show

think it’s just a red crown? think again – that’s all made of braids!

hair show bows

stylists and their models all come onstage to take a bow