dose of dash instagram updates

Row One

  1. This giant lemon just appeared in my  neighbor’s driveway one day. It turns out it’s a new food trailer – Austin City Lemons! I’m looking forward to checking it out once they set up shop.
  2. A cloudy Texas night with the moon peeking through. I love my neighborhood!
  3. My favorite treat – $4.99 fair trade bouquet from Whole Foods really brightens up the view from my table.

Row Two

  1. On the way to work – the Texas Capitol as seen through a school bus.
  2. For my birthday my mom got my a monogrammed stamp from Invitation Box and it just came in this week. How great looking is it?! Lots of snail mail coming soon!
  3. A shopaholic never rests. A great sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call got me this silk leopard print from Equipment and my favorite James Perse panel shirt in a deep red.

Row Three

  1. Cara Delevingne is on the cover of my favorite French fashion magazine, Numéro. Perfect Sunday reading.
  2. Last weekend was a fun event surrounding the Magnum photography exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center. There were so many incredible photos there that I only got a third of the way through the exhibit – just too much to look at and take in! If you’re in Austin I highly recommend going. You may even see me there for round 2.
  3. Just a little something I’ve been trying to keep in mind lately…