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I have slowly been making progress on my not-so-new apartment. I have yet to hang anything on the walls and there’s still one corner piled with boxes that I have nowhere to store… but otherwise it feels like home. I recently had a free hour and thought I could make a little aesthetic progress by making my bookshelf, which is shoved in the corner of the dining area, look a little less chaotic.

I’ve always admired bookshelves organized by color like this one:
design books by color scheme
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But the question then becomes, “Do I have enough brightly colored books to make this work?” Surprise, surprise, I did! I wish I had taken a “before” picture so you could see what the bookshelf looked like. I really didn’t think I would have enough to fill a shelf with similar colors but once I started sorting them it all came together.
red pink purple books
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This is a little silly, but I did look up how best to organize a bookshelf by color. I wasn’t sure how strict I should be, if I should do it by color and by size, etc.
bookshelves organized by color
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So of course I started pinning and look at other blogs. I decided that being crazy about getting the colors in a perfect spectrum was not the way to go, not was organizing by height. I wanted it to look artistic and intentional but not fussy.

blue green yellow books
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In the past I tended to push books all the way to the back of the shelf, but by pulling them all out to about the same place it looked a lot neater even if the books were of varying sizes and heights.
elephant bookshelf ornament
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The final result:
bookshelf color coded
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