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Have the onslaught of holiday parties started for you, yet? My first one is an office casino-themed party this coming Thursday and from then on it’s non-stop. As you can imagine, picking out an outfit is the easiest part for me. I always start with the shoes and work my way from there. I love doing eye makeup, too! But what’s the most difficult for me?


I am utterly and completely at a loss when it comes to hair. I can’t even use a curling iron properly! This holiday season no more! You may remember when I went to a hair show a few months ago. Well I’ve once again partnered with José Luis Salon in Austin to show you 4 beautiful hairstyles that you can do yourself (or go into the salon and request the look). Here are the first two:


holiday hair style updo
pin it dose of dash

how to holiday hairpin it dose of dash

    • Section off the front portion of your hair and make a low pony tail
    • Curl three sections on each side of your hair and spray
    • Divide the ponytail into four sections. Take one, tuck it into a loop shape, and secure with a pin
    • Do this with the other 3 sections of the ponytail (all in the same direction) so that you are making a pinwheel shape
  • Pin extra pieces of hair into bun shape
  • Loosely braid the three curls in the front section of your hair and then pull on it for a messy-chic look
  • Pin the braids into the bun and jump into a cloud of hair spray


braid holiday hair tutorialpin it dose of dash
how to do a fishtail braidpin it dose of dashFor this look, the dirtier the hair, the better. Fabulous, right?!

    • If you’re hair gets greasy quickly you will probably need to spray some dry shampoo on the roots, first.
    • Curl some of the front sections of your hair in different directions
  • Tease the front of your hair and spray
  • Fishtail, French, or regular braid it!