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rosegold and jewel tone outfitpin it dose of dash
As soon as I saw this Marni skirt I fell in love. I’ve been trying to wear more skirts lately, but it’s so hard to find good ones that are season-neutral, a good length for day time, and CUTE. I guess casual skirts have just not been in the past few years…

Not that this skirt is causal. But what I love about it is that it takes two classic looks – metallics and pleats – and updates them with this mesmerizing rose gold color. Rose gold has been very popular for jewelry recently but we haven’t seen this trend transfer over to clothes as much.

To be honest this color was harder to create an outfit around than I had imagined, but I think I finally came up with something that would be the fabulous, sparkling, standout New Year’s Eve outfit that I would dream of. Be bold, be over the top, be glamorous.

I would pair the skirt with a loose cream or off-white silk blouse. The jewel tones in the aubergine clutch and deep greens of the ring and booties complement the skirt without feeling too girly or overshadowing it. After all, the skirt is the center piece.

I always say that you shouldn’t worry too much about being too matchy-matchy color-wise, but if you have two elements with a similar color in one outfit it will feel a little less out of left field (did I just make a sports reference?!). For example the gold detailing on the shoes is repeated on the gold and malachite ring tying those two elements together.

This amazing necklace from Deepa Gurnani continues the rose gold theme but also introduces some pastels. This would be a tertiary theme that is tied together by these super fun pastel Rochas sunglasses. No, no other color matches those sunglasses, but the pastels pull it together. Don’t be stodgy. Have fun with your clothes!