Lady In Waiting


lady in waitingI’ve been doing a lot of waiting lately.

I’ve always thought I wanted to be a Jane Austen-type lady, or what I call a Lady in Waiting. As they say, O The Good Life Gives Me Pleasure, and I was always resentful of homework when I would have preferred to be pursuing personal interests. (The fact that I know this song proves I was a choir brat — shout out to Dr. Spiro.)

Who wouldn’t want every day to be a sort of vacation? Dress well, eat well. Read and paint and stroll and seek out intellectual ventures all day! Travel for a few months at a time with my trusty Baedeker in hand? Yes, please!

baedeker italy travel book
Then it occurred to me — I would HATE all that waiting. I am an incredibly impatient person when I’m waiting for an outcome. Even with little, inconsequential tasks. I hate painting my nails and I hate doing laundry because there is no immediate result. I even used to hate online shopping because there was no instant gratification and I’m too cheap to pay for faster shipping. Wait 10 business days to get your new clothes? Where’s the fun in that?! (Obviously I got over that hurdle!)

For me, clarity and planning is instant gratification, but life is remaining mysterious and taking it’s time for the moment. So in the meantime I’ve come up with a few ways to distract myself and they all involve going analog.

When I’ve done all that I can do and the waiting has begun, I turn off all electronics and get back to basics. I find something that I can really focus on, like writing, cooking, reading, or doing a puzzle or a crossword. If I want music I put on a record. No constant email updates, no social media, no surfing the Web. Just make yourself a cocktail, sing loudly and earnestly to your favorite music, and get to work.

I’ve written about different forms of unplugging before on this blog and there is a common theme here. Being fully engaged in something can ease the mind of its constant, draining multi-tasking. The funny bit is, the things I do to give my brain a break are similar to what a Lady in Waiting would do to occupy her time. You have to do something to stop your mind from wandering while waiting for the metaphorical Mr. Darcy’s or the Edward Ferrars’ of the world.

So is being a lady in waiting not so bad after all? What do you do to decompress and distract yourself?
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Color Crush: Canary Yellow & Cerulean


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bright yellow and blue color combinationpin it dose of dash J.Crew Riviera EarringsInterior Designer Emily Henderson’s bedroom redesignDecorator Todd Alexander Romano’s apartment in Elle DecorViviana Volpicella

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Rose Gold & Jewel Tones


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rosegold and jewel tone outfitpin it dose of dash
As soon as I saw this Marni skirt I fell in love. I’ve been trying to wear more skirts lately, but it’s so hard to find good ones that are season-neutral, a good length for day time, and CUTE. I guess casual skirts have just not been in the past few years…

Not that this skirt is causal. But what I love about it is that it takes two classic looks – metallics and pleats – and updates them with this mesmerizing rose gold color. Rose gold has been very popular for jewelry recently but we haven’t seen this trend transfer over to clothes as much.

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Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!



vintage christmas happy holiday card
lit christmas tree in snow and vintage car
blurry lights christmas tree
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Great Gifts Under $25


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Attention last minute shoppers!

Yes, it’s Christmas Eve, but if you’re like me you may have some last minute shopping to do. Usually it’s the little things we leave for last and the little things we have the least inspiration for. Here are 12 great gifts all under $25.

presents less than 25 dollars pin it dose of dash

  1. Eat Treats and Be Merry Baking Kit + your favorite homemade dessert – $6.49
  2. Fir French Candle – $4.99
  3. Tick-Tock Clock – $24
  4. Polaire Socks – $15 (sold out; similar here)
  5. An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails – $20 (sold out; similar here)
  6. Sugar Paper Leopard Noteset – $18
  7. Mini Metallic Foldable Bag – $18
  8. Three-Tiered Oven Rack – $22
  9. Sonia Kashuk Classic Chic Brush Set – $22
  10. Herb Kitchen Scissors – $16
  11. Princess Stud Earrings – $25
  12. Marie Antoinette Salt and Pepper Set – $25

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